Our Summer Top 10

10) Jack caught his first “flipper flopper” (aka fish)
9) Luke started to crawl and pull up on EVERYTHING!
8) Anne blew out 30 candles on her birthday cake
7) Luke and Lily were baptized in August
6) We finally got L & L into swimmy diapers, swimsuits and into the water on vacation in Destin, FL- they loved it!!!
5) Nathaniel enjoyed getting back on the farm and helping his brother build a barn
4) Our neighbors coined us “crazy” as they watched us slip-n-slide down our front hill (please note it does say very clearly on the label… this product is NOT for adults) Ha!
3) Jack celebrated his 3rd birthday
2) Many people close to us shared the news that they are expecting~
1) Jack began to take an interest in Star Wars, which makes his father extremely happy. Jack has coined Luke as “Yoda” and let Lily hold his light saber!

And here is one more to grow on… Lily remains our sweet blessing! She smiles if you even look at her~

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