Not so happy~

A few friends and I were talking about how life can always look so perfect in the pictures we post on our blogs. So I thought I would include some from this past weekend. We went to the pumpkin patch armed with our camera to get some great pics, only to realize we had let the battery die. We got two pictures from our time there before it puttered out completely. Then, I decided to get pictures of the babes and Jack in their new car seats. You can see how happy Jack was. This particular melt down occurred because Daddy went into blockbuster without him, leaving Jack in the van with Mom and twins. Poor child, huh? If I documented with pictures our typical day, you would see tears, sticky kitchen floors, a Mom who hasn’t showered, tug-of-war over toys, jumping on the couch and the occasional smile and hug. Thus, we choose to post the highlights. I think we should just put a disclaimer out on our blogs- IE. you are seeing the “best of the best!” But I guess if you have kids, you already know that.

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