How much work goes into getting a one year old in costume

Okay, so we were trying to get ready to go to our church “trunk or treat” event today. It proved to be quite a bit of work to get the twins looking good in their costumes. Lily would have NOTHING to do with the red paint to give her rosy cheeks- or the freckles. She screamed like we have never heard her before. Luke thought the freckles might be okay but both twins were not going to be easy about keeping their wigs on. Nathaniel and I were both sweating (imagine that) just trying to get them ready and out the door. By the time we got these pictures in our yard I was ready to skip the entire thing and just pretend we had gone. But, oh yeah, we have a three year old who quickly reminded us we better get going! Argh.
Raggedy Andy says, “You just wait until my hands are free…”
Ha! I’m taking my wig off!

Raggedy Anne NOT HAPPY with her wig, doesn’t it look like we are torturing her?

This picture is a blur, because we knew she would get that wig off quick!

Raggedy Anne being distracted by her Daddy so she would forget she had a wig on!

You mean, you’re not going to let me actually eat this candy?

Luke (with his freckles) munching goldfish on the ride home


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