As you can see from the latest pictures, we had a wonderful Christmas break and were so pumped to bring in 2009 with a Vandy bowl win~ Go Dores! But it is with a heavy heart I reflect over these past weeks. Our families path has recently crossed with an AMAZING young woman who is literally giving her life away (and in many respects finding it) in Africa. I am torn as I think about how we as a family have way too much and there are so many around the world with so little, with nothing. I cry when I tuck my children into bed at night and check on them a ridiculous number of times (are they too hot, too cold, etc) to compare that with the orphaned children of Africa- who NO ONE checks on. Why? How does this exist? Where is God in all this? I am grappling and God is breaking my heart, in a good way,,, I think. Like I said, we have been HONORED to meet Katie and to hear her stories in person. To stand in awe of the way she fearlessly follows the path God has set out before her. Katie is young, she doesn’t have tons of money, or advanced degrees- but she is doing incredible work changing the lives of children and community in Africa. She brings love and truth and life to those who need it- on the other side of the world. She was 17 when she “dove” head first into Uganda- she is currently the Guardian of 9 children, sending 191 children to school- providing them with much needed medical attention and two hot meals a day! Please check out her blog/website. I encourage you to go back to the beginning of her blog and make it a daily journal till you read it all … Read about how she rid a family of scabies, took bananas/water to the hospital and ended up delivering a baby, cut the head off of chickens to feed her family, nursed a dying child back to life only to have her mother reject her yet again, and so much more … IT WILL BE THE BEST BOOK YOU HAVE EVER READ … And it all really happened …You will be moved, you will be changed. Give to her ministry if you can, Nathaniel and I have never been more “sold” on a worthy cause.

PS> if you only have a quick minute to check it out and get hooked read her short post from Dec. 15, 2008- that kind of sums up a “typical” day for her! Much love and thanks for considering giving~

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