Not so good~

Ahhhh, an update. Things are not so good in the Morrow household. Where to begin?
1) If you’re wondering why you haven’t seen any new pictures posted on the blog lately, that would be because Luke broke the camera. So no more until we get a new one.
2) Luke also broke the printer and the blender this week. (No kidding)
3) At least one of my kids has been sick for the past 14 days.
4) I have been thrown up on too many times to count.
5) I have done more loads of laundry than I can count.
6) My house is a wreck.
7) I have lost my temper.
8) I have been called “Poopy Mommy.”
9) Jack (who IS potty trained) peed on the living room floor yesterday.
10) Luke (who is the only one small enough) squeezed behind our tv armoir yesterday and picked up the mouse trap! Yes, the kind that snaps! I got it away from him and it went off in my hand as I was moving it on top of the armoir.
11) Luke decided he really needs a morning nap, which Lily has dropped and only needs an afternoon nap. In other words, this means I can’t go ANYWHERE bc. one child is always sleeping.
12) I have convinced myself that going through the drive thru and getting a happy meal is actually a “healthy” option.
13) I haven’t worked out in two weeks.
14) The most quality time Nathaniel and I have spent together was the other night, from 11pm-6am as we were taking turns helping Jack throw up into the toilet.
15) Luke grabbed my stomach fat-jiggle, which was exposed the other day and laughed! I did not laugh.
16) It is too cold to go outside.
17) I KNOW they are a BLESSING, I KNOW that “THIS TOO SHALL PASS,” I KNOW that one day I will look back and think this time went by really FAST, I KNOW I am lucky to be able to stay home with them. But I also know that I just needed to vent. So thanks for letting me. Send happy thoughts & prayers our way~ thanks, love tired old anne
PS> My drug of choice during this time has been an ENTIRE bag of kettle potato chips (the sea salt and fresh cracked pepper variety) and diet coke! Ha! Go figure on the “diet” part! I highly recommend the chips they have a 10 out of 10 on the yumminess factor!

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