Potty Time

So I think at least all the mothers with young kids will appreciate this post. Every morning I find myself in the downstairs bathroom- I think I can sneak away and have ONE moment to myself. But somehow those darn kids always seem to find me! They love to be in the bathroom with me. Many days Jack will come in too, so I have all three kids plus me…. that’s 4 people in our downstairs half-bathroom! I am pretty certain that one day they won’t want to follow me in there. One day, they will think that is gross. But as for now, I ask when will that day come? And just so I remember what these days were like I put my camera by the potty and captured a picture! Lily always picks this time to bring me a book and motions that she wants up on my lap to read. Luke usually tears me some toilet paper and then realizes what fun toilet paper can be, he has been known to toilet paper the bathroom, the living room, the kitchen. He keeps me hopping! Hope you’re not grossed out by this post 🙂 It’s just a part of my glorious life! (the nasty glue underneath the glitter- that shout out is for you Misty!)

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