bedtime stories

So I finally got jack to tell me a bedtime story tonight. Our typical routine is we read two books, tell him one story, say prayers, give kisses and hugs and go to bed. Often times I have asked jack to tell me the story instead but he always declines – then he gives me clear instructions on how the story should start “once upon a time” and be about a little boy named jack morrow. But tonight he took me up on the offer. He told me a thrilling Hot Wheels story where I was the race car driver. The problem we soon ran into is that jack has no concept of beginning-middle- and end. Thus, the story went on, and on, and on, and on. Just when I thought he was wrapping it up, it went on some more. Finally I had to force him to end the story. For those of you that know jack, he is a talker (like his Dad, I say)! He was frustrated with me that I cut the story off while I was frustrated with him because bedtime turned into like an hour. Ahh. And all I wanted was a bedtime story- I need to think these things through a little better! Good night.

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