Cedar Point

So we took Jack to Cedar Point for his first amusement park experience. Here he is on the ever anticipated bumper cars- he was much more excited about it than this picture leads you to believe… not sure what that serious face is for.

Jack & Daddy on the first ride- it was a scrambler and although Jack was nervous at first, when the ride ended he demanded that we go again!

Here are the boys on another spinney ride. Did I mention that I got sick on the Snoopy Ride? Guess my stomach has gotten weaker with age. I couldn’t take anything that just kept spinning me in circles. I was literally green getting off the snoopy ride. So Nathaniel took one for the team and rode all those spinney rides with Jack.

The famous “Jr. Gemini”, I have a picture of Nathaniel and I at 16 riding the Gemini together. We’ve come full circle now riding with our son 🙂


Up on Daddy’s Shoulders leaving the park. Jack won this snake stuffed animal by beating out the other contestants at the water-shoot (the other contestant being his Dad). Jack was asleep before we pulled out of the parking lot. It was such a fun day and Jack is already planning his trip back next year.

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