Lions and Tigers and Bears! kind of . . .

While in Ohio we met up with my good friend from college Alicia and her husband Adam along with their two children. Adam is an animal caretaker at The Wilds which is a preserve for animals located in South Eastern Ohio. The Wilds was certainly a highlight of our trip- we got to ride in the back of a pickup truck with Adam as our guide and have a once in a lifetime experience with the wild animals. We were so close they literally came up to us to be petted and fed! I felt as though we were on an African safari. We packed a picnic dinner to have on the grounds (with cheetahs and wild dogs circling underneath the pavilion). All the kids behaved so well, I think mine were worried that if they didn’t I might leave them there!!! The landscape was breathtaking, thanks so much to Alicia and her family for providing us with this opportunity! Above you can see a rhino, I was surprised to find them kind of “cute” in person.

Zebras- you can tell they let us get pretty close.

“Alice the camel has two humps…”

Jack fondly called them the “can-a-mules”.

Wild horses, Adam warned us that these guys can get a bit nippy so we didn’t stick our hands out!

You wouldn’t believe how beautiful these giraffes were in person. Truly a work of God.

Adam feeding the giraffes.

Alicia and her children with Adam looking on.

Luke sitting very still in Pappy’s lap so as not to be fed to the giraffe!

Lily decided she liked the hay to chew on in the truck.

Here come the Rhinos over to us

This baby one in front was so sweet!

Lori (who was riding in the truck with her new baby son Titus) just stuck out her hand to pet the babe.

The kids watching out for wild dogs and cheetahs underneath!

Here is the real wild crew- all the kids!!!

Wild African dogs (I think), they were super scary.

Cheetah! He looked hungry to me~

Our fearless guide picking up a snake to show to the kids as it passed in front of the truck!

Petting the rhino!

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