What we’ve been up to . . .

So if you’ve been checking you will know that I haven’t posted a blog in quite some time. We have been traveling to KY and OH, kicking off our summer! We were gone for 10 days on what I am learning to call a “family trip” not “vacation.” Traveling with three children ages three and under isn’t exactly easy- but well worth it. We started in Louisville where we honored my parents on the eve of my Dad’s retirement from Pikeville College. Then it was onto Ohio and the farm where Nathaniel grew up to stay for a week. Nathaniel actually taught a graduate course at Muskingum College during the week while the kids and I hung out with Pappy & Grammy and the cousins! You will find posts of several of our adventures and you might even need to click on “view older posts” to see them all! Some fun things that I wasn’t able to capture on camera include; Eliza’s 4th birthday bash, visiting with my college friend Juna and her twins Maddie & Ty, a play date in the park with high school friend Jessica so that she could meet our twins and we could see that rock on her finger!!! Jessica is getting married this December! We wrapped up our week with the kids in Lakeside, OH and took Jack on his first visit to Cedar Point. Hope you enjoy the posts and it gives you a glimpse into “what we’ve been up to!” Love, Anne

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