As I look through these pictures and try to figure out which ones to post, I realize that the best part about our trip wasn’t in the big things we did but in all the little moments. Getting to spend the day with my sister Amy on her birthday and the kids having a cupcake decorating party with her, getting to know my nephews Will B. and Phillip better, watching our children spend time with Oma (my Mom) and Monkey (what they call my Dad), my brother making us laugh because he is still mooning us at 32 years old! It was not being on a schedule and not having a house to clean up! Going out in the evenings and reconnecting with my husband. Being able to watch Jack fill up his bucket with water over and over again to fill the hole he and Nathaniel had dug. Before long the school year will start back up and life will pick up the pace, I will miss these long summer days at the beach but I am so thankful for them and for sharing them with my family. I know it sounds cheese-ballish. But that’s just what I’m feeling!

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