Toothpaste for dinner?

It’s been one of those days. Really, it’s been one of those weeks. I have a scratch under my right eye that Luke gave me when he didn’t want to get into his car seat. This serves as a reminder that I need to cut his nails… short! I am pretty certain that Lily ate a rubber band tonight as an appetizer before her dinner (I am not too worried because it was just the small hair variety kind). Jack is calling for me from his room right now because his ceiling fan is “scary.” I mean SERIOUSLY. Come on, we need to pull it together in this household! And what does it say about my cooking when I came in the bathroom to find my kids all eating toothpaste, like really eating it? On the flip side, Luke has just started saying Lily’s name and it may be the sweetest sound my ears have ever heard. He kind of rolls his tongue on the L’s. I am also currently reading My Sisters Keeper and am continuously reminded how lucky I am that my children are all healthy. Finally, I have secured a babysitter for tomorrow night so that I can go out to dinner with friends. Not to shabby. Final words of encouragement, it is hump-day which means we are officially halfway through the week 🙂

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