Puppy Lovey

So Luke has a “Puppy Lovey” that he is super attached to. It goes EVERYWHERE with us, and should we forget it somewhere we hear Luke saying “Puppy, puppy, puppy” until we’ve retrieved it. The thing gets seriously yucky and I am having to wash it like every other day. Usually I do it during nap time (sneak it out of his crib once he’s fallen asleep- then return it), but it just so happened that I was throwing in a load of wash so I thought I would do Puppy as well. Luke quickly began searching for Puppy and I told him, “Puppy is getting a bath- he is getting nice and clean.” Luke gave me a mean face and went directly to the bathroom. He was furious when it wasn’t in the actual bathtub. I tried to then explain that it was in the wash machine. This didn’t go over well. Now please notice, Luke has a “replacement” soft lovey blanket with him in this shot. But it just wasn’t Puppy Lovey! He remained cold with me until I was able to reunite him with his Puppy. I wonder if this story is going to embarrass him when he’s 16!!!!

Lily thought she might be able to help him find it!

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