Random Questions for my 4 year old-

So this afternoon I decided to ask Jack some questions…
1. How old do you think I am?
100 years
2. How old do you think Daddy is?
26 years, I mean 27!
3. What does Daddy do for work?
He goes to meetings and stuff and takes care of bigger kids.
4. What do I do for work?
You go to things like Mom’s N More, and I’m not sure what else you do. Oh, you get us breakfast!
5. Who is your best friend?
Then Lily pipes up and answers that “Emory” is her best friend. Then,,,, not to be outdone, Luke pipes up and says (how sweet is this?) “Lily.”
6. Jack, what is one food you hate to eat?
7. What’s your favorite animal?
A horse, because super guys ride on them.
8. One place you wish you could go right now?
To Ohio and play with Eliza
9. If you could have one superhero power what would it be?
To swing from a tree branch with a whip without holding onto the whip.
10. Jack asks me “How many more of these questions?”
All done.

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