In case you’re wondering

I thought I should mention Nathaniel’s cast in the last several posts. For those of you who don’t know, Nathaniel broke his left hand a couple of weeks ago playing basketball. He is in a cast for five weeks. Unfortunately he is left handed- so this has made many things challenging for him (and for me… think, no help with bath time, or putting on jammies time, etc). Anyways, last week he got fed up with being in a cast and decided to cut it off himself. Yes, that’s right (with wire cutters in the garage.) So for the people who pay close attention to detail you will notice, first he has a cast (black cast), then he doesn’t, then he has a new cast (purple and gold). Thank goodness for his secretary who scolded him and made him another apt. at the doctor to get it back on. Nathaniel texted me from the doctors office on Friday saying that they x-rayed him and found out it is not healing and actually getting worse. Imagine that- I said. They told him not to do as much with it, even with the cast on…. I texted him back and said “Does this mean you can’t help me mop the floors when you get home today?” I was not kidding. The saga continues.

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