Who they are and what they mean to us-

So this is our community group from church. Those of you who know me have probably heard me talk about them. (We meet once a week to fellowship, study the bible, share our stories and basically just “do” life together.) We were finally able to capture everyone in one photograph the other night- but look at all our crazy kids. With two more on the way (none of them morrow babies :)) we will soon be taken over!!!! On a serious note- these people are our “family” in Nashville. They are the ones who we would call in the middle of the night if we needed help. They are the ones who bring us meals and help us “survive” when we bring home baby twins. They are the ones that listen to our highs and our lows. They pray for us, and love us just the way we are. Our family has been BLESSED by these individuals. I am so glad to be “doing life with them.” In a world that can often be lonely and isolating we have these friends in Christ to walk with. Just wanted to give a shout out to them!!!!!

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