Happy Birthday Nathaniel!!!!

Today we celebrated Nathaniel’s 31st birthday! Jack and I baked him a cake yesterday evening and I let Jack decide how to decorate it… he decided we should make it “camo” with a deer on the top “since those are two of Dad’s favorite things.” says Jack. It went against my better judgement to make such a decorated cake, but I gave in and figured it was more important for Jack to be part of the process than for the cake to look “pretty.” Ahh, the things kids have to teach us!

Luke and Lily never miss a chance to sing “Happy, Happy, Birthday” (they say the happy part twice), and THANK GOODNESS Lily doesn’t seem to be too scarred from her birthday candle incident!

Trying to get another family photo… Not going so well…. Lily was running around wanting someone to catch her….

Yes! We caught her!!!! All five of us in this one 🙂

Just the two of us here. Doesn’t Nathaniel look like his face is saying, “Don’t make me wrangle those kids into another picture, please!”
A great big thank you to Ryan and Lauren for keeping our “crew” so that Nathaniel and I could go out to dinner and celebrate his birthday together! What a great gift!!! Thanks guys!!!

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