Christmas Eve

We put L & L down for their nap just like normal today and then came downstairs. Nathaniel and Jack were working on hanging a door and I was out in the garage cleaning trash out of the van when I hear Nathaniel scream “Anne! Get in here!” I go sprinting in the house, just sure something really bad has happened. When I hear and see the twins running through the downstairs screaming and laughing. Who got them out?!?!?!? I ask. Jack yelled- they got out themselves!!!! That’s right, stinker one and stinker two are now crawling out of their cribs, opening the bedroom door coming down the stairs (“schoochie style” on their bottoms) and then running around like they are “free at last!” Honestly, I think that Lily has been able to climb out for some time now, but she was just waiting for her partner in crime to join her. So, we were going to wait until Spring Break to move them into their big kid beds- but that date might have to be moved up!!!!

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