Okay. So we have SNOW in Nashville and really really cold temperatures. I loved seeing the snow- as did the kids, but had all fingers crossed that they would still have preschool this past Friday. (They haven’t been since Dec. 14th) Sure enough, school was cancelled. In an effort to keep my sanity and get us all out of the house we went to the Y on Friday morning. Coming home (we live at the top of a big hill) I got the van about 1/3 up the driveway and then kept my foot on the gas but wasn’t going anywhere- next we start slipping back down the hill and driveway. I am NOT a good “snow driver” and was saying “Sh*#, sh*#, sh*#” as we slid down the hill. All the kids were very still and quiet (a rare thing) bc. I guess they knew we were in trouble. I was able to turn my wheels and get us off the drive to come to a stop in the grass. Then I had to just park on the hill and lug everyone inside in the snow (carrying BOTH twins up the hill – Lily who had NO PANTS on bc. she had an accident at the Y) and Jack was pulling my shirt from behind. I might have said sh*# one more time while making it up the hill. Anyways, the whole point of this post is to say—- I am just waiting for something to go wrong the next time we are out in public and Luke and Lily to say “sh*#, sh*#, sh*#.” I’ll keep ya posted 🙂

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