Big Kid Beds~ BEWARE this is a long post!

We finally moved the twins into their “Big Kid Beds” on Sunday night. This was long overdue, for at least a month and 1/2 now they had been doing all sorts of things to let us know that they were ready for the change. Including- but not limited to- climbing out of the cribs and falling on their heads, taking off all their clothes, taking off their diapers, peeing in their cribs, POOPING in their cribs (yep. I said it), pulling the letters off the wall (that hang above the cribs), getting out and running through the upstairs screaming, getting out and very quietly sneaking around the upstairs- ending up in the bathroom and playing in the sink (where they of course left the water running). I have dreaded nap time and bedtime- it literally sucks the energy right out of me. But on Sunday we went and purchased the mattresses and talked to the kids about what was going to happen. Luke was to move into Jacks room and be in a twin bed on the wall opposite of Jack. Lily was to stay in the nursery where we put up a full bed for her. As I was explaining to them Lily looked up at me with her big brown eyes and her bottom lip went way out, “But I wanna be with my Lukey” she said. Luke was initially very excited about the switch and kept screaming “BATMAN SUPERMAN BATMAN SUPERMAN” bc. that’s the kind of bedding I bought for the boys beds. Jack was optimistic about having Luke move into his room but as night drew near everyone started to melt down. Jack began crying saying that he wanted to sleep with Lily in her big bed, Lily wanted to be with Luke, Luke wanted Lily to come sleep in his twin bed. L & L quickly found out that they could talk to each other through the wall and kept repeating- “I love you Lukey Pie, I love you Lily Pie.” Pretty sweet, I must say. But as the hours crept on and we were approaching 11pm (with all three kids still awake) Jack called to Nathaniel and I with the quote of the night, “Mom. Dad. I don’t think this plan is working out!” Finally everyone (including the parents) passed out from exhaustion. Luke is actually having the hardest time adjusting. He keeps punching at his new pillows and mattress saying “I don’t like it! I don’t like it!” Today (Tuesday) was the first nap day at home. I just went up to check and Luke has climbed into Jack’s bed and fallen asleep. Lily has torn up the pages of two books and is working on the third. However, she is being quiet and staying in her bed- so I am letting her be. Let’s just say it’s an adjustment and things always seem to be a work in progress at our house. Okay, I am signing off bc. Jack needs to check out- to see if he has missed any new Lego’s coming out since yesterday!!!! More soon. Oh, the picture is of the “crew” Sunday night before leaving Lilys new bed. Jack and Lily were very attached as you can see… More pictures (and stories) to come soon… I am sure!!!!!!!!!

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