There is a mousey in our housey!

We seem to be having a little mouse trouble at our house. Nathaniel and I think we have the smartest little mice in the world too! They consistently get the food off of the trap (cheese, pb, wheat thins, etc- it is a well fed mouse) without making it go off!!! This morning Luke was finished with his bar and I told him to go throw his wrapper away in the garbage…. side note…. typically all the kids just hand me all their trash, but we are working on a new system where I am not the “all time garbage can.” End of side note. Okay, so he toddles in there and I hear the door open, then shut, then he comes back to me with a strange look on his face. “Luke” I say, go throw that away! This time I hear the door open and he lets out a funny noise (half cry/half laugh). But still comes back to me with the wrapper. By this point I am annoyed and march in there with him. When I open the door- I see it- Nathaniel had put down one of those sticky traps to get the little sucker, and sure enough, we got him! But oh no! There he was staring right back and Luke and I. I quickly shut the door and picked up Luke. This created a delima of what to do. I sure didn’t want to touch it and I was also pretty sure Nathaniel wasn’t gonna drive home from work just to take the mouse outside. So currently we have set up another trash can to use and we are all pretending like it’s not under the kitchen sink just waiting :(. I showed Jack and he (of course) said “awesome!” What a boy he is! That is the scoop, will keep you posted. And NO, I will NOT be posting a picture. That would mean that I would have to open the door back up!!!!

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