Where is the love?

I decided that I better write this story down. For one day, a LONG time from now I might think it was funny. Jack had his Valentine Party at school on Friday which meant we sat down to do his Valentines on Thursday. First I had to convince him how cool the Scooby Doo Valentines were that I had bought him to hand out (he wanted Batman ones). Then I had to encourage him through writing his name on the Valentines- he had 12 to write and you would think I had asked him to do 500. Finally we got them finished complete with tattoo inside and heart sticker seal. Well…. then Jack decides that he REALLY wants to match up the tattoo’s to certain people. I mean, are you kidding me? I was on my last straw and then there it went!!!! I explained why we could NOT break the seals on all the Valentines to match up specific tattoo’s. Jack in his 4 year old mind couldn’t understand this, and so he lost it. Then I lost it. So the title for this post is, Where is the love??? Bc. Valentines sent me over the edge this year!

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