Play dough, really?

So let me begin this post by saying. I hate play dough. I know that is a strong word…. and I still want to use it. I just hate the stuff, such a big mess- my kids always want to do it, etc. Well we were stuck in the house last week bc. Lily had the stomach bug and I decided to make it through the day we were gonna have to do something BIG. My friend have given me this recipe which she made with her children and they loved it. I put my “teacher” hat on and felt like I was back in grad. school working at the child development lab. We made play dough– it’s even scented like peppermint and we all lived to tell about it! The kids had fun and I sucked it up and not only let them be involved in the process but also sat at the table and played with them. I am reminding myself that these times won’t come again- and just to try and enjoy it. Some days it is easier than others….

Jack showing he could do the measuring even with his eyes shut!!!

Lily was curious and not so sure that it would really turn into play dough.

Luke was very serious about his role in measuring the ingredients.

Touching the still warm stuff. (The kids wanted it to be colored blue- I wanted green but was quickly out-voted).

Hard at work, or is it play?

You might be wondering if we have a cat by looking at all the scratches on Luke’s face. Nope, just a twin sister who needed her nails cut!

Push hard! Really hard!

Lily holding up her “snow ball” for a photo op.

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