I mean, seriously made my heart melt . . .

Okay- so I realize that I could write on this blog every day about the millions of ways my kids fight with each others. The mean words they say, their inability to share, the way they scratch and bite and kick. But today I caught something that I will hang onto for awhile, it really about made my heart turn to mush. We were playing on the front hill and Jack and Lily kept rolling a ball down it and then would run down to get it and trudge back up. Now, we live on a mighty big hill- so it is a haul to get up. Nathaniel, Luke & I just sat at the top and watched this game. About the fifth time up the hill Jack leans into Lily and says “I am so proud of you for walking up this hill, let me just give you a kiss. You are doing so good!” I looked at Nathaniel and we both couldn’t believe the sweetness towards his sister. Jack completed it with a kiss and Lily was SHINING! As was the Momma! I need to remember this TOMORROW when they are back to fighting.

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