Who knew?

Lily woke up from a hard nap today and her hair was curly! Like really curly! How fun, so I decided to document with pictures.

Please make note of Jack in the back ground, he is concentrating while playing on hotwheels.com

PS> Lily has taken on a whole new sleeping “routine.” I hope it doesn’t last much longer! She stays awake so long at bedtime (like it is almost 10pm right now and I can still hear her singing away upstairs in her bed). She goes down at 8pm (same time as Jack and Luke),,, but she has been falling asleep so late- usually after 10 but before 11pm. Then we end up waking her up in the morning around 9am. However, I am sure she would sleep until 10 or 11am. Luke just can’t stand being away from her any longer and he usually sneaks up in her room and wakes her up!

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