15 Years Ago Today . . .

Nathaniel and I went on our first date!

So last Thursday was April 8th 2010. The date wasn’t even on my radar. For example, I had to pay a bill that morning and wasn’t sure what date to write on my check- so I just guessed and put the 7th. I literally had no clue about the date. I am SO thankful that my sweet husband DID know the date and that he had been planning a special night for me for some time. You see- 15 years earlier we went on our first date. I was a junior and Nathaniel a sophomore in high school. We challenged each other to who could do more leg band jumps (a torture machine that I had at my house to help increase vertical jump)- we “tied” at 100 jumps, then went to dinner at a little Chinese rest. and to the movies. If someone would have told us that 15 years later we would be 1) married, 2) living in Nashville, 3) parents of three children (two of ’em being twins) 4) high school principal and stay at home mom. We wouldn’t have believed them!!!! What a wonderful ride it’s been. I use to tease Nathaniel and say that we had to count our relationship by the first date- not by the date we were married (June 8th 2002)- cause if you counted from our wedding we lost out on 8 important years. That was always the joke btwn. us that he said count from the wedding date and I said count from first date. It makes me sad to think that our 15 year anniversary wasn’t even on my mind. It makes me feel SO LOVED that it was on his! Nathaniel sent me to my friends house to get ready in their beautiful bathroom and to have Lauren do my makeup- he took the kids and fed them dinner, gave them a bath and got them ready for the sitter (that was a gift in and of itself!). While at Laurens house he had beautiful flowers- wine and a great card waiting for me while I was getting ready. Then he picked me up and we had reservations for a fantastic restaurant called Lime. YUM! We talked about where we’ve been and where we are going. We reminisced and laughed and cried a little. We went back to our friends house that night (just to make sure we didn’t get home before the kids were asleep… hee hee) and then went home and watched the Blind Side curled up on the couch. It was the perfect night- 15 years after the first perfect night! I feel incredibly lucky to have married my best friend and to be going through life on his team. Next year we will be 32 and will have been together for 16 years- HALF of our lives! Wow! I can’t imagine that I will be able to love him even more than I do now, but in a strange way I know that I will. I am thankful- so very thankful.

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