‘Break’ing News~

Yes. That’s right. Jack fell off the swing set in our backyard on Wed. evening and broke his wrist! 😦 It was quite an ordeal but we are so thankful for our wonderful pediatrician who met Nathaniel and Jack at the office that night. It’s not broken all the way through, just a fracture. Needless to say, Nathaniel and I feel pretty bad about it all. We were both outside and he was doing the “Hey Mom, hey Dad! Watch me, watch me!” So we both saw it happen. It seemed like we were watching everything in slow motion- you could see him falling but we couldn’t get there to help him. He is in the splint for at least 3 weeks. The best news is that to a four year old little boy breaking your wrist and getting to show off a splint is “really cool.” Thank goodness for that!

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