You just never know what you’re gonna find . . .

So the new bedtime routine is that I shut the boys door and turn off the light when I leave the room. Then when I go to bed for the night (they are typically asleep by then) I go and check on them, cover them up, etc and leave the door opened a crack for the night. Well the other night I open the door and walk to Jack first to cover him up. He is sound asleep with SOMETHING on his head. It is hard for me to see since the lights are off so I turn on the hall light and then can see clearly that he has underwear on his head. With the band across his forehead and his ears coming out where the leg-holes are. Looked like he had an “underwear helmet” on. Then I turn to Luke, and sure enough, Luke has an underwear helmet on as well- which Jack must have done for him bc. Luke couldn’t have done such a good job by himself. I debated taking them off and then finally decided that I should take ’em off. Now when I open the door I am a little wary- you just never know what you’re gonna find!

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