Nashville Flooding of 2010

To those of you who have left messages for us- we are okay! Cell phone coverage has been spotty over the past few days to say the least. Thank you for thinking of us and lifting us up in prayer. Our community will be needing lots of it! Nashville was hit over the weekend with the worst flooding it’s seen in over 100 years. The rain and storms began on Friday/Saturday and seemed as though they wouldn’t end. We are so thankful that we were only without power and part of our bottom driveway caved in. So many friends took care of us- feeding us, letting us hang out with them if they had power, letting us bathe our kids at their houses…. We owe great big thanks to the friends we have here. We know many people who have been devastated– they lost their homes, cars, everything! We regained power late last night and Nathaniel and Jack spent today out helping neighbors in our community. The damage is extensive in so many areas. The water crested yesterday and is now receding. Roads have re-opened along with the major interstates. Many sad stories are coming out through this tragedy but so are good ones- stories of hope, of people reaching out and helping others! Stories rich in relationship- which is really what it’s all about. I was able to get out tonight and go grocery shopping (we lost all the food in the fridge and freezer) but I actually felt a little guilty knowing that was all we had to replace and we had the money to be able to do it. Needless to say, we are counting our blessings! Jack prayed tonight at dinner and just said- “Please be with all the people who don’t have power and whose houses were flooded.” AMEN! One of my closest friends here is Ashlie and she just had her third sweet child this past Wednesday, they were discharged on Friday from the hospital and then all this maddness happened the next day. Ashlie and her family were actually evacuated/rescued from their home. They had to run through the house grabbing things and she said to me- you know, I got my husband and children and THAT WAS THE MOST IMPORTANT. When natural disasters like this happen they really seem to put everything back in perspective for us. I can just picture her on the truck with the firemen holding her new born baby pulling away from her house- but they were delivered to a house of complete strangers in their neighborhood (who weren’t affected by the flooding) that took them in and provided for them. You see, they couldn’t get out of their neighborhood either due to the roads being impassable. People were literally “stuck” with water all around them. Another personal story is of Jack’s beloved preschool teacher. We found out on Sunday that she and her son had been rescued by boat out of their home as it filled with water. They had nothing but one another and the clothes on their backs. Her son goes to CPA and the school community kicked in! Nathaniel and Jack went to her house today to work along with tons of other CPA students and families. Nathaniel said when she saw Jack she just broke down crying. Like I said before, the damage is extensive but the good work of neighbors and communities helping one another is powerful! We hope that Jack will learn the valuable life lesson from this disaster that “things” really don’t matter. People do. We as his parents must also be reminded of this! It is also so good to see in a crisis like this that all the other “crap” fades away and we are left with what is truely important. I will post some pictures of the front yard and street that Nathaniel took on Sunday. Again, we are so thankful to be up on a hill and spared from the damage.

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