Kicked out of Claire’s

Okay- so I know this was not a good parenting decision…. but it had been a LONG week last week with the kids. All the regular “outlets” like preschool, YMCA, church bible study, park with friends, were all “out of order” due to the flooding. I had about all I could take of being stuck at home with the kids. So the prom had been rescheduled for Friday night and I decided I really needed some new earrings to go with what I had to wear. I loaded everybody up in the van and then proceeded to bribe my kids that if they were good in the shop we had to go to- that they could get a happy meal for the way home. (Happy meals are like the ultimate great thing at my house- really it’s the toy that’s in ’em). Well, off we went to Claire’s. Oh, it was not a good thing. Jack did pretty well… I told him not to touch anything and for the most part he obeyed, but he kept going far away from me and I would have to scan the store over and over to find him. Lily was IN LOVE with the store. She was trying on every bracelet, earring, etc, that she saw. Luke got away from me at one point and the store clerk had to bring him back to me…. she said, “Um, is this your son?” I thought about saying no- just for a minute! Then I see that Luke had taken the bottom rack off it’s hinges and shaken all the earrings off and onto the floor. We were pretty much asked to leave. The funny thing is- I’m so over it! I just check my pride at the door of wherever we go. (Having two 2-year olds will help you to do that šŸ™‚ Anyways, I did get a pair of earrings and just made a mental note- Claire’s is not a good place to re-visit with all three. I am posting these things because I know that one day the chaos of our day to day will fade in my mind.

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