Bribing which turned into sharing?!?

Okay. So I admit it. I had to go to Target today to return some things- which means waiting with all three kids in the long customer service line. I thought ahead and stole $3 in quarters from Nathaniel’s coffee change jar. Now that I think about it, this story involves stealing, bribing AND sharing. All the components that make a juicy tale. Anyways, I bribed the kids (ain’t no shame in it) and said if they were patient while in line they could each pick out a dollar zone item before we left. Sure enough, it worked! Luke picked out a big foam hammer, Lily picked out two Hello Kitty books (which she calls her “bibles”) and Jack picked out water balloons- of course he did. He had this master plan that we would fill them all up, then watch from the window and wait for Nathaniel to pull up the driveway after school and then we would all run outside and blast him with water balloons. It was a good plan- but didn’t exactly work out the way he imagined it would. By the time we got home from Target Luke had broken his foam hammer into about a zillion little pieces which he littered all over the van. I told him I was sorry that he ruined his dollar zone item. This made him cry. Which made Lily cry. Out of the blue Lily walks over and gives him one of her two Hello Kitty Books/ aka bibles. Luke cheered up right away. She said “This can be your new item.” I was glad to see a silver lining in the trip. From stealing, to bribing, to sharing!!!!

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