Physics Class

Today we went to the Y (our favorite local hang-out :)) and then to CPA for a picnic lunch with Daddy and to watch the physics class launch rockets from the football field. Oh how I wish I had my camera! Jack was absolutely enthralled with the rockets. (I have a feeling his high school course schedule will include physics). He asked me about a million questions on the way home regarding the launches- most of which we are referring to Dad when he comes home! Luke spotted a blue tractor across the field which he then became obsessed with seeing. He could have cared less about the rockets- but was all about the tractor. Lily just enjoyed twirling in her twirly skirt…. her second cousins Elle and Sophie sent a new skirt in the mail this week. Lily put it on when it came and hasn’t taken it off since. She even slept in it last night! Nathaniel put her in her pj’s and she got out of bed and took the bottoms off and put the skirt back on! Not sure what is going to happen when I need to wash it. More updates soon šŸ™‚

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