Memorial Day Fun

On Memorial day we didn’t have any big plans (which was so nice). We got up that morning and decided that each person could pick one fun thing that we would all do together. I started us off by picking cleaning out the van (for those of you that know me you understand that cleaning out the van would be considered a fun thing.) No one was thrilled with my pick- but everyone pitched in and helped. I did not get a picture of the van cleaning. Lily was next and she picked racing in the backyard and she wanted to be the one to say “On your mark, get set, GO!” In the above picture I believe that Luke had a false start!!!

Luke didn’t like losing. Lily has turned around to check out why he is crying!
Nathaniel picked Slip N Slide. However, I didn’t get a great picture of him on the ole slider- so I just posted ones of the kids!
Lily and Jack were BIG fans!

No surprise here. Luke picked “tractor ride!” Of course, he wanted to steer the wheel and would push our hand away if we tried to steer.
Jack picked to play his new Sponge Bob Operation game with us. But somehow I neglected to get a picture of that. So you will just have to imagine.

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