Mommy lost her ‘temper’ature!

The other day I lost my cool. It was lunchtime and I had HAD IT! I stooped down to the level of the kids (Yes, imagine me as a 2 year old) and yelled at them. They were stunned and about 10 minutes after it happened I felt really bad. I decided to take the opportunity to apologize to them for the way I had responded and ask for forgiveness. So I called them all back into the kitchen and explained that I had “lost my temper” and that I should not have yelled the way I did. I asked them each to forgive me, which they were quick to do. I believe Jack understood what was going on. However, as the twins walked away I heard Lily telling Luke – “Mommy just lost her temperature, but that’s okay.” Luke responds…. ” I don’t know why Mommy lost her temperature.” Oh goodness- they totally didn’t get it! Still it made me smile and lightened the mood for the rest of the day 🙂

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