Summer JAM

This past week was VBS (aka Summer Jam) at our church. We had the privilege to partner with Preston Taylor Ministries again this year. It was a GREAT week with a GREAT turn out. I believe on the final night they said we had supplies for 150 kids and actually ran out!!! What a good problem to have. Nathaniel and I were crew leaders and that is the only reason you will see Nathaniel wearing a UT orange shirt. In the above picture you can see us at the praise & worship time with kids up on Nathaniel’s shoulders. It never fails! Nathaniel always turns into a human jungle gym this week- with kids on his head, shoulders, wrestling him, climbing on him, etc.! Needless to say he was always very sweaty and very worn out by the end of each night. This year we even ran into some former students of Nathaniel’s from when he was still teaching in Metro. It was wonderful to reconnect. Jack was old enough to participate this year and he loved it- he already asked me when the next Summer Jam happens!

Some of the kids in my “crew”

So cute!

So each night we had praise and worship, then split into stations for crafts, dinner, bible story and games. The games were SO MUCH FUN this year. Mr. Bobby- our youth director- was awesome. Here is one example from game time! You can see Jack right up in the thick of things 🙂

Mr. Bobby trying to give my crew some strategy ideas….

Singing a final song for the night…

We are so thankful for our church community here in Nashville. It literally becomes our family while we don’t have any in the state of TN. We are already looking forward to Summer Jam 2011!

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