1st Movie~

The Regal Cinemas in Nashville do free movies in the summer for kid-Os. I knew this from my days working at Centerstone when I would often take my clients to a cool summer flick. When Jack was in Lakeside I had the opportunity to take the twins to their first “movie theatre” movie. We went to the Green Hills location and I just love this picture of them holding hands down the long sidewalk to the theatre.

To make Dad proud, I gave in and let them play some of the arcade games. Well, not really “play”- we don’t put $ in them and they never know!
My kids playing the violent games… makes me cringe!
Cool Karate Kid poster, we stood by this one to show Jack!
And we thought our Dad would like this one since he loves The Chronicles of Narnia.
Being strong carrying their booster seats in
We had a little snack….
and a little drink…
All was going well and then the lights went down and the movie began. Luke LOVED it, like seriously LOVED it. He was glued to the screen, cheering, laughing out loud, squealing in delight! Lily, on the other hand, had the complete opposite reaction. She jumped into my lap with her back facing the screen. She covered her ears with both hands and buried her face into my chest repeating over and over again, “Go home, go home, go home.” I was in such a pickle- didn’t want to cut Luke off since he was having a blast, but also didn’t want to scar Lily forever. We made it about 30 mins. and then Lily willingly led us out of the theatre and I had to pull Luke out by the arm. It was certainly a memorable first movie experience!

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