Riding bikes on the Quad

The twins and I stopped in New Concord to pick up Dad (who had been teaching a summer course at the college) and then headed up to Lake Erie to get Jack. I took the twins bike riding on the college quad and it was wonderful! Lots of safe-flat- sidewalk to ride on and it also was fun for me because I have so many memories of riding my bike on the quad when I was growing up.

I tried to get them to wear tennis shoes this day (would have been easier to pedal), but they both insisted on flip-flops. I decided it wasn’t worth the fight.

They were setting up tents on the quad for Alumni Weekend

My two cutie-pies in front of John Glenn Gym

We rode by Coach Zicha’s office in the rec center but she wasn’t there. Luckily we ran into her later on the quad!

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