The Stormont Playground

Double trouble trying to unlock the little barn storage. Luke said the cows needed out and to be fed!

Luke even gave Lily a try at unlocking it- but no luck. The best story from this playground is that I lost my van key- which is just a single key. I was carrying it around in a plastic walmart bag along with some other things. When it was time to go I looked in the bag for my key only to find out there was a hole in the bottom of the bag! 3/4 of this playground is covered in mulch- I about cried and was thinking there is NO WAY I am going to find the key. (Which is the only one we have- of course). So I got real serious and told Luke and Lily what had happened. Luke said, “I’ll get the key Momma.” He walked to the other side of the playground and bent down and picked the key up out of the mulch. I couldn’t believe it!!!! Still am not sure how he knew where it was. He didn’t hold the bag at all, so I know he didn’t take it out and put it there. We said a big prayer and hopped in the van!

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