Good friends and Good times!

We are so thankful our good friends Greg and Annie came to visit us on our stomping grounds! The air conditioner was fixed the day they arrived, so luckily we had cool air. However, the hot water heater went out the following day… which meant cold showers all around 😦 Not so good. We had to boil water for the kids baths and carry it upstairs and took the adults to the local YMCA for a shower! Ha! I am not sure they will ever come back again!!! But other then all the house malfunctions we had a fabulous visit! We went to Monkey’s Tree house, CPA, Loveless Cafe for breakfast, the Bluebird, Sweet Cece’s and much more!!! Best of all was just the time spent together and watching our five children interact with one another. We are so blessed to have friends like Greg and Annie- who may physically live far away but we don’t miss a beat when we get back together! We hope you will come back again…..

Greg is an amazing artist and brought three canvases I had him do as a gift for Nathaniel. We love them and will appreciate their beauty and his talent daily when we see them!

Greg found a little frog in the backyard, so he was instant superstar with the kids!

Lily and Ben were quick to be friends. Here they are talking it up over a snack. They actually kept sneaking away from the rest of us to go upstairs and jump on the beds! Trouble I tell ya!

This was Luke’s reaction when we told him he could only kiss Baby Mya on the toes…

Luke sure loved his baby Mya. He wouldn’t stop kissing her and telling Greg and Annie to feed her!

I think this picture sums up the way Lily & Ben felt about each other.

We will miss ya until our next visit!!!!

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