No AC on one of the hottest weeks of the summer

We returned home from our travels only to find out that our air conditioner had gone out while we were away. It has been nothing short of a fiasco in getting it fixed- the home warranty people haven’t exactly been “helpful”. But we have one window air conditioner in the upstairs bonus room so that is where we lived and slept while it was out (for four days!). The kids LOVED this- they thought it was so much fun to all be together in one room. Nathaniel and I needed to share their perspective, but we struggled. Anyways, we let the twins sleep together in the big bed and I thought this was so sweet and reminded me of the early days with them. They fell asleep and Luke had to keep his hand on Lily! It was this way when they were small, he always wanted to be cuddled up to her. We are thankful that the air is working at the *moment*. When it was out our downstairs was registering in the 90’s and the upstairs was over 100. We would open the back door and think the outside air (which was in the upper 90’s and humid) felt refreshing! It sure was hot!

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