Watercolor 2010

Oma & Lily saying “Welcome to Watercolor!” We spent the week of July 11th-17th this summer in Watercolor FL with my family. It was quite a trip. With five kids under the age of five- it wasn’t exactly a “relaxing” vacation. My kids seemed to think you didn’t need to sleep while on vacation and Luke thought he could swim and would just jump into any body of water. He was fearless! After going underwater and bringing him up he would sputter and say, “Do it again!” We daydreamed about the summers to come where the kids will be more self-sufficient! Thanks to my parents for allowing us to come along! I can’t promise my crew will be better behaved next year- but here’s to hoping! Enjoy the pics.

Jack in his bunk bed– this was one of the first things the kids ran in to check out. What a smile! All the cousins shared a room with built-in-bunk beds. Jack and Will B actually did a good job of going to sleep- Luke and Lily, not so much.

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