This Barn has Animals . . .

So my three amigo’s were gone all last week. Yes, you heard me right! Nathaniel and I were “kid-less” here in Nashville for an entire week. Roger & Linda kept the kids in Ohio for us while we worked on the house, worked on our marriage, worked on the finances- all the stuff you want to do but is so hard to do with three little ones tugging on you all the time. It was the first time they had ever all been away from us and for such a long time. What a blessing it was! (Thank you again Pap and Grammy) Nathaniel still had to go to work everyday, but I was able to spend some time doing the things I love…. organizing, decorating, deep cleaning. I was giddy each morning when I woke up and realized I could do whatever I wanted that day. What a great feeling!!! I was able to get the rooms upstairs looking like I wanted them to and it just made me so happy. I was ready for the kids to come home on Saturday but knew that I would have to mentally prepare myself for the way they can “tear up a house” in a matter of minutes. While trying to do that my sweet husband gave me a farm-boy pep talk. He told me that the only clean barn was the one that didn’t house any animals. And that we were blessed enough to have animals. So our barn wasn’t gonna stay clean- but that’s because it held our animals. Three little animals we love; Jack, Luke and Lily. With a deep breath I took pictures of their rooms, so atleast I could look at them and remember! There was nothing like the time we had away and were able to catch our breath and do some house projects we literally couldn’t put off any longer. But there was also nothing like them pulling up in the driveway and jumping out of the van and giving us the biggest hugs ever! Makes me tear up just thinking about it!

We were able to hang lots of pictures this week and find a home for Greg’s artwork- these three paintings are now on our stairwell.

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