Feeling SO celebrated and loved!

Yesterday was my birthday and I can’t tell you just how celebrated and loved I felt… not just yesterday either- but for like an entire week I’ve been able to celebrate my birthday. Starting with- my two girls that I don’t know how I would get through life without (Lauren and Ashlie)- were gonna both be out of town on Monday. So last Monday they surprised me by kidnapping me and taking me out to dinner at a yummy Mexican place called Local Taco in Sylvan Park, then to get frozen yogurt at my fav. place Sweet CeCe’s! Yum, what a fun girls night and as always our conversation was great. Then my Mom came into town mid-last week while the kids were gone and she and I were able to go to a yummy lunch together, boutique shopping and then to Sweet CeCe’s for a treat! Next, Roger & Linda brought the kids back to us on Saturday and took us out to lunch at Pizza Perfect for my birthday (Notice my two favorite food groups; pizza and mexican!). They even had desserts from a bakery and candles to sing happy birthday! Then Nathaniel & the kids made me a cake on Sunday afternoon so that we could celebrate at home on Sunday (Nathaniel had a long day at work on Monday and then board mtg. Monday night and wasn’t gonna see us much). So on my actual birthday the kids and I just hung out and then went to…… you guessed it…. Sweet CeCe’s for some more frozen yogurt. Are you seeing a trend here? On Monday night all the stars aligned and my favorite show- The Bachelorette– was having it’s finale!!! I didn’t want to be watching it all alone on my birthday so what’s a girl to do? I decided to throw myself a Bachelorette Finale/Birthday Party! This meant I had to do dinner with the kids early, then baths, then trick them into thinking it was already 8pm and put them to bed when it was really only 7pm! By 8 pm the party people started rolling in and we had such FUN watching the show together! The kids slept through all the hooting & hollering and didn’t even know there was a party going on downstairs! Sweet Allison made me another cake and I was sung to again!!! And, I guess, just bc. it was my birthday, Ali picked my guy- Roberto! I fell in bed last night just feeling so overwhelmed by the wonderful people in my life… family & friends that mean so much to me! I didn’t even mention all the voicemails and text messages with good birthday wishes. Thank you for loving me SO WELL- it was the perfect birthday! Wish I had more pictures to post but this one is from the party- so sad that Betsy wasn’t in this picture, she hadn’t come in the house yet 😦

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