His actual Birthday

On Tuesday of this past week (Aug. 24th) we celebrated Jack’s *actual* birthday! (Since the party was before it, we had two count-downs going on in our house, one for the birthday party and one for his actual birthday day!) I let him pick out the entire day… he chose to wear swim trunks (although we did not go swimming) and his Star Wars shirt tucked-in mind you. He never wants to tuck a shirt in so I asked him what was up with that. He said, “Well, I want more of my trunks to show, so I gotta tuck the shirt in.” Aaahaaa– I said. Next we went to Dun kin Donuts for breakfast where he picked out two “adult” donuts. Meaning he didn’t have to eat the little munchkin donut holes that I usually make them get.

Luke and Lily still had to get the munchkins, but they were fine with that. On their birthday they said they will each get 3 “adult” donuts!

Jack wanted me to take a picture of his adult donuts!

I love how L & L are around him in this picture!

Next Jack wanted to go to Daddy’ school and get a birthday hug from Daddy. Which we did. Then his next idea was to go to Target- not to buy- but just to look and see if they had any new Lego’s out since that last time he had been in. But then he remember he had gotten a Toys R Us gift card at his party and that he could use it to actually purchase a Lego. So the plan changed to head to Toys R Us. He kept holding up his hand with 5 on it for all the pictures!

He got home and promptly went to work assembling the new Lego. Nathaniel and I did the math and we think in about a 3-4 day window Jack assembled over 1000 pieces.

He did take time off to jump on his present from us!

Yeah- I’m Five!!!

Big smile!

Lily and Luke went with me to the store and picked out his present from each of them the night before. Lily got him a puzzle and Luke picked out a Lego watch, they both went home and against my instruction told him exactly what they had picked out for him! Maybe it will be a surprise next year?!?

Another “big box Lego” as he calls them!

We did Sonic Sundays to sing him Happy Birthday one more time!!!! We love ya buddy!

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