Party Time!!!!

We celebrated Jack’s birthday the Sat. before he turned 5. Pap & Grammy & Eliza came down for the party. We decided to go real low-key for this birthday, Jack invited 5 of his best buds- we had it at our house- Jack picked everything that we were going to do…. The one big surprise was that Nathaniel and I got him a trampoline for the backyard (which was going to work into the party- basically just sending all the boys out to jump!!!). Jack wanted the theme to be Alvin and the Chipmunks. He requested a white cake with choc. icing and he wanted the McDonald’s figurines (even though we were missing one) on top of the cake. He is still a Lego Nut and wanted Lego’s from anybody who asked him what they should get! At the party we played; pin the face on Alvin (which Jack made), Chip-Chip-Munk (aka duck-duck-goose) and Alvin Say’s (aka Simon Say’s). But the real story is that Nathaniel and I stayed up the entire night on Friday night putting together the trampoline with the main objective for it to be used at the party! We got home from the first CPA football game and then put the kids to bed and went out to the driveway to work. Nighttime when the kids are sleeping is really the ONLY time to get anything done we are finding. Well, the party was from 4-6pm and wouldn’t ya know about 3:45 the storm clouds rolled in. We had huge thunderstorms the entire time of the party… we couldn’t go out and jump at all!!! (At one point the lights flickered and we thought we might even lose power) However, if you were to ask Jack or any of the boys, that didn’t put a damper on the party at all. They had a great time crammed in our house playing games, opening presents and eating cake. I am still *trying* to learn that THAT is really what it is all about anyways. Not about us grown-ups. We did take Jack outside when he first woke up on Sat. morning to show him his big present from us and his reaction was priceless. A huge smile broke across his face and he said ” I love it!” So he did get to use it some before the storm and his party!!!

Eliza was such a good helper! Here she is getting Lily ready for the party. (Luke and Lily were sporting their tattoos from the game the night before!)

Team effort in putting in the candles

Family pic. before everyone arrived!

One of the games…

Waiting patiently for his cake~

Make a wish!


Present time!

I think we could seriously have a Lego store at our house!

Simon’s glasses which were in the goody bags. I also let Jack pick everything out and assemble the goody bags.

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