On Sunday morning (after his party) Jack got in a little Lego building time before church. I am amazed by his building ability. He puts together these big boxes of Lego’s (like 300 + pieces) with no help and in record time! The few times I have actually tried to help him I have messed it up and he just has to un-do what I have done. He certainly loves these things and loves building. Pretty much as soon as he gets it all built and looking just like the scene on the front of the box- he will take it all apart and begin again. The other day he told me that he really didn’t like “playing” with the Lego’s he just liked building them and then taking them apart and doing it over again. I am sure you can tell from this email I am proud of him and his unique abilities. I am also just astonished that he is my child, given that I have NO good Lego building ability 🙂

That’s one happy fella!

I took this picture because I wanted to remember how he does this with his tongue when he is concentrating.
Pap & Grammy with the crew before church!

My Stinkers!!!

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