Usually it’s the kids that give me the good material to write about on my blog. But this week it came from another source… my husband. I knew he was up to something during the weekend as he kept making secret trips to Lowe’s and kept saying that I could send all the kids outside with him bc. he was working in the garage… hmm… I thought. Then on Monday night as I was headed up to bed I heard him come in quickly from the garage. I just had this feeling something was wrong- and while I was on the steps I thought- “if I hear the sink turn on that will be a bad sign.” Sure enough I hear the sink turn on. I go back down & into the kitchen to see all the blood, yep, blood. Turns out he has been building this at home gym thing to do workouts on- he was building it out of pipe and cut the heebiegeebies out of his thumb. Trying to be helpful (but also not really wanting to look at his cut) I asked him what I could do- it seemed to me he was gonna need stitches. However, he thought he could get the bleeding under control and clean it out and then wait until the following day to decide what to do. I kept hearing him wake up in the night saying- “It’s bleeding through the bandaging” to which, I thought, “as long as it doesn’t get on the feather bed.” Long story short the next day he went to see the school nurse who confirmed that he needed stitches. Next he went to a walk-in clinic to have them done where they told him he had basically waited too long for stitches and so they shut it using glue and strips. Would you believe the next night after kids went to bed he put on a glove and went out to finish the thing?!? So I decided I better take a picture. So far the new “at home gym system” has just been a distraction for me when trying to get the kids loaded up in the van- they of course just want to play on it. But let me try to stay positive here and say that I hope Nathaniel gets many good workouts on it!

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