‘Auntie’ Anne Posting here . . .

It is Thursday afternoon here in Uganda- and we have already had a full day! I pretty much don’t even know where to start in communicating what it’s like to be here. Yesterday was a day I will not forget when Drew and Tara held their boys in their arms for the first time…. and after “babysitting” the boys for a bit this morning while Tara went to the adoption meeting- all I can say is Maddux Family get ready for twins- cause that’s basically what they have now. Two precious might-as-well-be-twin boys. And they are gonna be STINKERS!!!!!! Yesterday was so exciting and overwhelming. We traveled from Entebbe to Jinga in the morning, then spent the day at Amani being loved on by the precious children. Who all call you “Auntie or Uncle”, it’s pretty darn cute. Not a dull moment was had while at Amani. The majority of the time you had three or four kids hanging on you and giving you kisses (it felt like home :))Then for dinner Katie invited us over to her home with her girls. It was a little hard to believe I was actually sitting at the table with Katie and her 14 children – plus the adults- plus a sweet baby Agnes who Katie is caring for. Katie’s daughters are amazing! They are so outgoing, kind, polite and they make you feel so welcome. People live life over here with a joy that is infectious. Things seem simpler in a refreshing and good way. One side note though, I will say my boda driver (these little scooters/motorcycles that you ride around on) did take a cell phone call while he was giving me a ride. So even here in Uganda cell phones abound! I am getting “use” to sleeping under a mosquito net (gives a whole new meaning to “don’t let the bed bugs bite”), putting on bug spray in place of perfume, drinking orange Fanta at every meal, and I am easing my way into trying the local cuisine. Much love from Uganda- and to my family at home, I miss and love you guys SO MUCH!!!! PS> I will post this evening with pictures…..

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