Faces of Uganda for Jack- Luke and Lily

Okay Jack – here is the monkey I saw today. His name is Franko and he was not so nice. I only got a picture of him while he was still in the cage, cause when he got out he was trying to bite.
This little boy made this toy car and was pushing it all around. He made it out of things he found- wires, a stick and some other trash. Jack- he likes to build and I think you two would be good friends!
This sweet little girls name is Peace and we met her yesterday. This is her doll and it is made out of a corn stalk.
This little guy made this ball he was playing with out of old paper bags with tape and string wrapped around it. He was so proud!
This is Dizzy!!!! The sweet girl we sponsor. She was beautiful and I got to hug her and tell her about you guys at home and how much we love her and pray for her every night!!!!

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