2 Hardest Days Continued . . .

The other day that I feel like I must post about is the time we spent with Katie and her girls serving a group of what seemed “forgotten” people in Uganda. They are called the Karamojong tribe and spending a day in their world rocked mine. Several of you know about the women who make the magazine bead necklaces- well they are Karamojong women. They allowed us as visitors (excluding Katie, she is pretty much one of them :), to come inside their lives. Again, this is one of those things that I can’t even put words to. The hunger, the problems, the devastation seemed so great. And just when you thought you couldn’t take it anymore you would see a sign like this one on the wall of a hut…

God was there, all around….
The children running up to Katie’s van… waiting for us 🙂
just SOME of the beads we bought to take home!
Sisters in Christ who make the necklaces to support their families~

This photo doesn’t do this moment justice. The line just went on and on in what seemed like forever. Most children, even the toddlers, had infants strapped on their back- we watched one little boy who was too weak to wait in line, he kept flopping down in the dirt, nothing on but a too small t-shirt, tears in his eyes.

You can see in their eyes, they needed help. It was hard to communicate as they didn’t understand our language. Tera spoke the universal language of a mom who loves. She helped this little one to get a better knot in the sling that was carrying yet another hungry child. We didn’t even get many pictures this day- it somehow just felt wrong to be taking pictures. Again, they were real people, real faces with stories and eyes that told them. As hard as it was I am so thankful to have been invited into their world.

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